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Election Reform Newsletter, Issue #90
Election Reform Newsletter
AEI | The Brookings Institution.
January 20, 2010
Election Reform Newsletter.

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On Topic: Election Administration
As states continue to refine their rules regarding elections, courts have stepped in to resolve disputes between enacted legislation and constitutional law. Two recent court decisions on laws in Minnesota and Washington state highlight the continuing influence of the judicial branch in election law.
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Project Vote has assembled comprehensive recommendations to improve election administration in 11 states. The recommendations cover voter registration practices and list maintenance, convenience voting policies, voter access, the role of public agencies and provisional voting.
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After three consecutive years' of governor vetoes, the Rhode Island assembly succeeded in enacting into law a teen voter pre-registration bill. It joins Hawaii and Florida, as well as Puerto Rico, in permitting pre-registration for teenagers.
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New Resources
Election Administration
Outreach Library
Indiana Election Division
(January 2010)
Senate Bill 8
Ohio State Senate
(December 2009)
Technology Issues
City of New York Announces Selection of New Poll Site Voting System
Board of Elections, City of New York
(January 2010)
VOTER Access
Election Plan for 2010 Elections: Precinct Closings
Hawaii Office of Elections
(December 2009)
Voting by Mail in Los Angeles
June Lagmay, City Clerk, Los Angeles, CA
(November 2009)
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Reform Project
The AEI-Brookings Election Reform Project aims to synthesize election-related research, link the research and policy communities, track and assist the implemen-
tation of the Help America Vote Act (HAVA) and encourage improvements in HAVA and in election conduct and administration.
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